honey dew


First published by Simon & Schuster UK in 1998.

In the US, Honey-Dew was re-titled An English Murder published by Carroll & Graf/Random House Dell paperback.
A brutal murder punctures the tranquillity of a rural idyll: a middle-aged couple are found stabbed to death; their teenaged daughter is missing. Where is Gemma? Demands the headline of the Rutland Record. Alison, chief reporter, endeavours to unravel the truth and in doing so must confront the shadows of her own, shocking past and the bleakness at the heart of the prettiest of the prettiest of English Country Counties.

‘Superbly readable and beautifully put together by a writer who really knows her craft.’
Independent on Sunday

‘Doughty turns and tunes the characters with such skill that the true monster in their midst emerges with shocking surprise.’
Mail on Sunday

honey‘In this clever, dark novel, nothing is what it seems. The characterisation is so convincing that it makes one look at one’s own neighbours rather nervously.’
Express on Sunday

‘A darkly comic and disturbing reminder of the messiness of real life, and of people’s ability to absorb the most startling events even murder.’