Louise Doughty has worked as a freelance critic, columnist, feature writer and cultural commentator for numerous newspapers and magazines.  She began reviewing books for The Literary Review and Times Literary Supplement before becoming a feature writer for The Guardian and Independent, the theatre critic of the Mail on Sunday and a books columnist for The Daily Telegraph’s Saturday Review section.

A sample of her features includes:

Why I Ran Away From Home at 60… here.

Made in… Melton Mowbray column for the Guardian here.

The Novelry blog on writing Platform Seven here.

17,000 islands of imagination: why is so little Indonesian literature translated into English?  Louise Doughty’s essay for Guardian Review.  Read it here.

I’m a mum but…: on travelling to dangerous places, for the Telegraph Weekend.  Read it here.

History repeating: violent attacks on Gypsies in Italy, along with attempts to remove Travellers’ homes across Europe, have struck fear into the heart of the Roma community  Read the article

After the Flood: Louise Doughty travelled to Sri Lanka in the wake of the tsunami to talk to the island’s writers. The Guardian.  Read it here.

Sid, my Saviour: Louise Doughty investigates the role of police Family Liaison Officers.  The Guardian, September 2010.  Read it here.

Rereading Courtroom DramasThe Guardian, June 2013. Read it here.

Read about how Doughty wrote Fires in the Dark – here and here.

Read about how she wrote Stone Cradle here.